Judy NyhusWelcome to the website for our book project, “Scar-Transformations Beyond Mastectomy”! This book is a beautiful and informative journey through the cancer and tattoo experiences of 50 U.S. women. I am one of those 50 also. You may have learned about our project through one of the book’s participants, social media or one of us on the team. We’re very proud to present what I believe will be a book that changes perceptions, educates and fosters conversation about what occurs after diagnosis of breast cancer, the healing process and an empowering form of healing that allows us to reclaim what is taken from us.

While there will be stories of survival through the journey of breast cancer treatment, this book celebrates a progressive and positive healing process for both body and psyche: decorative tattooing over the mastectomy and radiation scars. So empowering, beautiful and healing are the tattoos and the experience of having them put on, we want to make everyone who is about to begin their cancer journey, a survivor who has completed it or someone who knows nothing about breast cancer, to be educated in this profound pivot from grief and loss to joy and celebration

Tattooing is no longer a misunderstood or eccentric form of self-expression-it’s mainstream. Artists are highly trained, skilled, dedicated and certified professionals. It’s living art. We will provide you, the reader, with visually beautiful, professional photographic portraits that highlight the quality talent and dedication of the tattoo artist in this transformative experience. Move along through the website and see incredible impact this book is going to have on the breast cancer community. Again, welcome! 

– Judy Timm-Nyhus